Cash loan without Credit Checker or payday loan without certificates?

Cash without Credit Checker is therefore profitable only for those who have complete certainty about the possibility of convenient repayment of such an obligation. A loan without a Credit Checker can actually save you from financial problems, but only if it has been well thought out.

Banks and institutions outside Good Finance offer a range of products with which you can get financial support. Everyone who would like to receive it must think carefully about the specific offer.

Let us remember that every second Pole has a liability in a bank or loan company. It turns out that our debt is increasing and although Polish society is getting richer, each year there is an increasing number of debtors who have problems with regular repayment.

All because of growing needs


Easy access to loans and borrowings and the fact that we still spend more than we earn. Eventually, there is a loss of financial liquidity.

The so-called. The credit loop is a phenomenon through which we lose creditworthiness and financial liquidity. To prevent such situations and all liabilities to be repaid in a timely manner, Good Finance institutions verify the solvency of their clients.

They do it among others on the basis of Credit Checker reports. If you are interested in a loan obligation, find out how the bank will verify your credibility. If Good Finance refuses your financial support, check where you can get it even without creditworthiness.

What is credit standing?


Creditworthiness is an assessment of the customer’s credibility. On its basis, the bank assesses the solvency, and thus the possibility of repayment of the incurred loan commitment within the prescribed period. The creditworthiness of the potential customer includes various factors and it should be borne in mind that all are taken into account individually, taking into account different parameters and the borrower’s situation.

Income is the most important criterion. Not only their value is important, but also the regularity of influence or the source of their origin. This is why banks have the greatest confidence insolvency for clients with permanent employment contracts of indefinite duration. This does not mean, however, that Good Finance institutions do not accept other sources, such as a mandate contract, a specific task, or their own business. In each case, however, different credit terms may be offered. Find out if you will get a cash loan working on a commission or work contract, as well as what conditions you must meet to be able to enjoy your credit agreement.

Another factor that matters to your creditworthiness is your credit history. That is why Credit Checker reports are generated. The Credit Information Bureau collects all information about all Good Finance’s obligations, as well as outside Good Finance’s, which a potential customer has already incurred. The reports show data not only about their value but also about repayment behavior.

Does the borrower regularly pay installments, does he have debts or has bailiff enforcement been undertaken? All information in this area affects the positive or negative history, and thus creditworthiness. As a future borrower, you can check your Credit Checker report for free and assess whether you have the chance for the debt you expect.

Can I take a loan from a bank without creditworthiness?

Can I take a loan from a bank without creditworthiness?

All banks without exception verify the creditworthiness of their customers. Therefore, it is not possible for the Credit Checker report to be omitted. This is certainly the case for new customers, because those loyal and loyal ones may receive further obligations on simplified terms, for example, based on an analysis of the impact on the Good Finance account, but without generating Credit Checker reports.

On the other hand, if a new bank customer has no creditworthiness or his credit history is negative, he is unlikely to get a cash loan without a Credit Checker. Solvency and a forecast of timely repayment of a loan taken is a prerequisite.

However, it should be taken into account that such criteria apply to credit obligations that are granted by commercial banks operating in our country. People who do not show the desired creditworthiness can still apply for financial support in institutions outside Good Finance, such as loan companies or banks. Fast cash loans, i.e. the so-called Online Payday loan.

Online Payday loan as an alternative

Online Payday loan as an alternative

Online Payday loan is getting more and more interest and it is not surprising. It is this commitment that manages to take out a loan without a Credit Checker. Therefore, those who do not generate sufficient income, have indebtedness for repayment of loans or credits taken earlier, and even those who have debt collateral have a chance for additional funds. However, it is worth mentioning that a quick loan, in addition to a number of advantages, also has several restrictions and you need to write about them before exchanging the advantages.

The value of such a commitment is certainly a limitation. It turns out that payday loans are usually low, a maximum of PLN 10,000. Moreover, they must be repaid quickly, within a few months at the most. This is how loan companies secure their clients as reliable without Credit Checker verification.

If such conditions suit the borrower, one can easily point out the whole enormity of advantages that fast loans show. Primarily:

– payday loans are taken at an express pace, even in 15 minutes,

– payday loans are also taken on weekends and at night,

– a payday loan is taken by completing the electronic application, without leaving home,

– payday pay for any purpose,

– a payday loan is incurred without verification of financial standing.

In addition, loan companies offer periodic special promotions that make such a loan really profitable. For example, regular customers can borrow money without additional costs, i.e. the APRC is exactly 0%.

How to get a quick loan?

How to get a quick loan?

Just visit the official website of the company that offers payday loans. There is an online application available and sliders. Thanks to them, it is possible to indicate the preferred value of the liability and the repayment period in installments. The application must include:

– data from the identity card,

– Phone number,

– Good Finance’s account number,

– e-mail address.

Although, in fact, most payday loans can be obtained without Credit Checker, each loan company has different limits. Such an obligation is only available to adults and usually for those who are at least 21 years old but not older than 65 years. In addition, borrowers must be Polish citizens.

Some institutions outside Good Finance also require an indication of the value and source of income generated, but they do not have to be funds obtained from work. Income can also be a pension, disability or other social benefits.

How to choose good financial support?

It should be noted that there is no single, universal and the best financial product that would meet the needs of everyone. Regardless of the fact that the application will be sent to Good Finance or a loan company, financial support must meet the individual needs of the client.

That is why, before applying for financial support, it is worth calculating your chances. A loan calculator will be useful, which will calculate all the costs of the selected liability and indicate the estimated creditworthiness.

The rankings of the best products by specific types are also a great tool. In such combinations, the key criteria of payday loans, loans for any purpose or other obligations that the future borrower or borrower is interested in are compared.

The rankings not only save time but easily allow you to assess the benefits of a given commitment against the competition. It is worth checking the rankings of liabilities according to individual criteria – you can compare, for example, those financial products that are granted without Credit Checker verification.

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