Type of Credit for implants.

Those who are not satisfied with their bodies these days can do something about them. Among other things, implants that reshape the breast and conjure up an attractive bust are very popular.

But when it comes to implants, one does not always automatically speak of the breast, other regions of the body can also be provided with implants. At the forefront: dental implants that can always be necessary when your own teeth are no longer available or can be preserved.

Even if implants can appear in a wide variety of places, they do have one thing in common. They usually cause a lot of costs that the patient has to bear himself. No matter whether breast surgery or a dental implant. The health insurance companies tend to be discreet in the background and do not participate or only in the form of a fixed subsidy. Therefore, many patients take out a loan for implants.

The credit for implants – breast and other cosmetic surgery

The credit for implants - breast and other cosmetic surgery

Many women don’t find their breasts beautiful enough. They struggle with the size or with the shape and therefore consider whether the use of implants could put an end to their “suffering”. After all, cosmetic surgery is now so far that implants in the breasts have long ceased to look artificial and form a well-shaped and beautiful-looking breast.

If it weren’t for the costs associated with such an intervention. Depending on the type of implants and the treatment, the patient may have to pay 4,000 to 10,000 USD. Because the health insurance companies do not pay a subsidy for such operations.

The entire operation can be paid for with a loan for breast implants. Such a loan can either be taken out as an installment loan from the bank or directly from the doctor treating you. We always recommend an installment loan from the bank, as this can be repaid in small installments. In addition, partial financing would also be possible, which is always desirable if there is some equity capital that can flow into the acquisition of the new breasts.

The cosmetic surgeons, on the other hand, usually only offer fixed payment agreements that are only concluded over a short period of time. Therefore, the monthly rates that are agreed with the doctor can be quite high and put too much strain on the budget.

The loan for implants – dental implants

The loan for implants - dental implants

The situation is similar when looking for a loan for implants to have dental implants inserted. Here, the health insurance company does contribute to the costs. However, only as part of a fixed grant that does not depend on which dentures should be used. Rather, it is always assumed that a bit is used, which is the reason for the low fixed subsidy.

However, since implants are much more complex than a set of teeth, they are also correspondingly expensive. If several implants are required, you can quickly reach several thousand USD. These can be raised again with the help of a loan for implants. Similar to breast implants, this is available as an installment loan from the bank. The installment loan is not earmarked, so the bank does not have to be told what the money is used for. With the help of the healing and cost plan it can be seen exactly how high the costs for the implants are and to what extent the loan for implants has to be canceled.

Of course there are also some dentists who offer financing similar to the surgeons. But again, the following applies: there is only one financing offer that cannot be adapted to the patient. In addition, the dentist will not agree to payment in installments that will run for several years, but will strive to settle the debt quickly.

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